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ETI (Code of Conduct) Auditor Training Course

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  • Elevate your career and make a difference in industry as a Social Auditor.
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  • Possible enrollment as approved APSCA Auditor.
  • Learn and get skills for Social Auditory at SEDEX.
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  • Internationally accredited programs with added career benefits.

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    Base Code of ETI (Code of Conduct)

    • Employment is freely chosen
    • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining
    • Working conditions are safe and hygienic
    • Child labor shall not be used
    • Living wages are paid
    • Working hours are not excessive
    • No discrimination is practiced
    • Regular employment is provided
    • No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

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    • HR professionals looking to understand ETI Code of Conduct
    • Potential Consultants who wish to give consultancy on ETI
    • Professionals who wish to become a Sedex Auditor in future
    • Professionals who wish to become a APSCA approved ASCA Auditor


    • Learn all principles of ETI Code of Conduct
    • Get insights into auditing principles of ISO 19011
    • Identify Non-Conformities by document verification
    • Understand how to conduct opening and closing meeting
    • Ability to practice writing on Non-Conformities against ETI Code of Conduct and much more

    Our Unique Teaching Technology

    • HR professionals looking to understand ETI Code of Conduct
    • Powered by Document Management System DMS

    Course Detail

    NAME OF THE COURSE: ETI (Code of Conduct)
    START DATE: 23/02/2024
    DURATION: 16 HOURS (2 Days)

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