ISO 22000:2018 Awareness Training Course

ISO 22000:2018 Awareness Training Course

Course Details


Understand ISO 22000: Learn the basics of ISO 22000 and how it helps ensure food safety.

Boost Your Knowledge: Gain valuable insights into food safety management systems.

Improve Food Safety Practices: Learn how to apply basic food safety principles in your workplace.

Prepare for Future Training: Build a strong foundation for more advanced ISO 22000 training.

Course Details


Food Operators: Those working directly with food in manufacturing, processing, or handling.

Quality Control Staff: Individuals involved in monitoring food safety in their organization.

Supervisors and Managers: Those overseeing food safety practices in food-related businesses.

Anyone Interested: Open to anyone who wants to learn about food safety management.



Education: No specific educational requirements; open to everyone.

Interest: A keen interest in food safety and management


Course Title ISO 22000 Awareness Course
Duration1 day (8 hours)
Delivery ModeOnline
CertificationISO 22000 Awareness
AccreditationRecognized by Exemplar Global
Course Overview This course introduces the basics of ISO 22000 and its importance. Participants will learn key food safety principles, basic requirements of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS), simple steps to start implementing FSMS, and good food safety practices.
Key Modules Food Safety Basics, ISO 22000 Overview, Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, Control Measures, PRPs & CCPs, Documentation, Implementation Steps and Internal Audits
Learning OutcomesParticipants will learn the basics of food safety management. They will understand the key requirements of ISO 22000 and how to use them in their daily work. The course will help them start using a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) and improve food safety practices in their organizations.
Training Methods Lectures, case studies and group discussions
Support Materials Course materials, audit templates, access to resources
Trainers Experienced ISO 22000 auditors
Benefits Enhanced auditing skills, career advancement opportunities, improved food safety practices
Fee Contact +91-90567-42783, info@sftrainings.org for pricing details
Upcoming Dates 20 Aug 2024


Participants will receive a certificate upon completing the course. This certificate acknowledges their understanding of ISO 22000 basics and food safety practices.


SF Trainings is an accredited training provider recognized by Exemplar Global, a global organization with a 30-year history serving the conformity community. As an Exemplar Global Recognized Training Provider (RTP), SF Trainings offers management systems auditor programs, providing extended learning content and innovative learning styles, as well as opportunities for career enhancement and employment. 

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