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  • Experiential Hands-on Training that changes behaviour.
  • Training is Uniquely crafted around the learner’s experience.
  • Accredited by EXEMPLAR GLOBAL, USA as a Recognized Training Provider (RTP) in Quality Management Systems Training Courses
  • Experienced CB Auditors as Trainers/Tutors
  • Real-Industry Case Study Based Teachings
  • Live Working Online with QMS Document Management System Software
  • Courses Accredited  by EXEMPLAR GLOBAL, USA, with Many Add-On Benefits

Take a Step forward to Elevate your Expertise with Our Quality Management Systems Training


     – A Global Organization providing Training and Accreditation services to the Conformity Industry.  – Exemplar Global has over 30 years of building certification programs in the Conformity Industry.

    EXEMPLAR GLOBAL? Learnings beyond!

    As a student of a Training Course by a Recognized Training Provider (RTP) of EXEMPLAR GLOBAL, you are eligible to receive:
    • A digital badge from Exemplar Global
    • Students who graduate from a course through RTP will receive benefits including
      • 12 months of Exemplar Global Graduate certification
      • Eligibility for Exemplar Global personnel certification
      • Access to self-coaching assessment
      • Access to Exemplar Global webinars, events, and online resources. 

    What will you learn?

    • Audit as per the requirements of ISO standards
    • Understand key elements of ISO 19011 and ISO/IEC 17021 Standards
    • Understand key quality issues
    • Plan an audit against a set of audit criteria
    • Successfully execute a quality management systems audit
    • Create clear, concise, and relevant audit reports
    • Communicate the audit findings to a client
    Our Services For Clients

    Renowned and relied upon by professionals and top management across thousands of companies and industries worldwide:

    Information Security Management Systems

    Our Information Security Management Systems ensure that your organization's sensitive information is protected against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

    Environmental Management Systems

    Committed to environmental sustainability, our Environmental Management Systems help organizations minimize their environmental impact.

    Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

    Prioritizing the well-being of your workforce, our Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems focus on creating a safe and healthy working environment.

    Quality Management Systems

    Elevate the quality of your products or services with our Quality Management Systems.

    ETI Code of Conduct

    Adhering to the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Code of Conduct, we help organizations foster ethical practices within their supply chains.

    Food Safety Management Systems

    Ensure the safety of your food products from farm to fork with our Food Safety Management Systems.

    Trusted by thousands of Companies and Marketers around the world:

    Frequently asked questions

    • Exemplar Global offers professional development activities and self-coaching tools like online events, webinars, and online publications.
    • Exemplary Global Certification, widely acknowledged and respected in the industry. Training aligns with current industry standards and practices.
    • Digital badges provide verified evidence of your qualifications and what you’re capable of.
    • Quality Education, signifying high standards of Training Provider , ensuring students receive quality education.
    • Receive Exemplar Global Graduate Certification to boost your professional recognition.

    You can Enroll by sending us an enquiry from the above “submit” button and our representative shall call you and guide.

    Yes, you can absolutely attend the ISO Lead Auditor Certification course online. Many reputable training providers offer this course in a virtual format, allowing participants to conveniently access the content from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Online courses often provide a flexible schedule, enabling you to balance your professional commitments while acquiring the essential knowledge and skills required to lead the ISO Audit Team.

    There are many open positions for ISO lead Auditors in various sectors in India. So it goes without saying that once you finish your ISO Lead Auditor Certification with us, you will come out with flying colours.

    The ISO Lead Auditor certification offers the valuable advantage of being valid for A LIFETIME. 

    This means that once you successfully obtain the certification, you won’t need to undergo the process of renewal periodically. This perpetual validity adds a significant benefit to your professional profile, as it eliminates the need for recurring renewal fees and time-consuming re-certification processes. This unique feature not only provides a sense of long-term accomplishment but also underscores the enduring recognition of your expertise in ISO lead auditing.

    You just need to hone your skills by participation in the internal/external Management Audits at leading levels.

    To become a lead auditor, you must first complete an ISO lead auditor course. This includes both attending the sessions and passing the lead auditor written examination. Before applying for the lead auditor role, you must successfully pass the training requirements established by the certification body.

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